Invitation For Tender Procurement of Goods and Services

Written by on May 10, 2023

Clouds Media Group is a media powerhouse whose repertoire spans TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Event Management, Public Relations and CorporateCommunications platforms. Our portfolio includes: 2 Radio Stations i.e. Clouds FM and Choice FM and 1 TV Station i.e. Clouds Television.

CMG is currently inviting applications from all experienced, eligible and competent suppliers to apply for supply of goods and services of differentcategories as tabulated in the table below (item I – Procurement table).

Applications will be conducted according to CMG Procurement Policies and Procedures. Only shortlisted suppliers will be eligible for invitation fortender.

Suppliers shall submit their applications through our mail: [email protected]

Overview of selection criteria shall be as follows: –

  1. Lawful Compliance
  2. Submission of all registration certificates from relevant authority
  3. Submission of valid business, Certificate of Incorporation or extract from registrar
  4. Submission of TIN & VAT (for registered)
  5. Submission of current Tax clearance certificate
  6. Current physical location with valid lease agreement or title deed
  7. Submission of certified litigation history certificate
  8. Submission of all other required information and attachments required during application
  9. Company abilities
  10. Show evidence of at least three (3) years‘ experience in the relevant field
  11. Submission of CV and copies of certificates for key personnel and technical staff
  12. Submit at least three (3) years of latest Audited Financial Statements
  13. Submission of Company profile


  1. Submission of correct information of Directors and Shareholders and their scanned copies of Identity Cards (ID) g., Driving license, Voter ID,Traveling Passport, National ID
  1. And submission of all other required information and attachments required during

Only eligible or/and qualified suppliers with demonstrative experience, compliance with the above application criteria and excellent track record insimilar works will be considered for this. All existing suppliers and service providers currently operating with CMG are also required to apply.

  • CMG reserves the right to request submission of additional information from prospective applicants.
  • All application documents should be clear, readable and uploaded in the email addresses shared above.
  • Supplier must declare any conflict of interest in relation to any member of CMG staff. CMG will not procure goods or services from suppliers where the employees are conflicted and have not declared conflict of interest.
  • The applicant shall bear all costs associated with the preparation or/and submission of the application.
  • CMG will not be enforceable to disclose reasons for disqualifying any supplier after publication.
  • All information given in writing to or shared is to be treated as strictly confidential. The applicant shall not share or invoke such information to anythird party without the prior written approval of CMG. This obligation shall continue after the pre-qualification exercise has been completed whether or not the supplier is pre-qualified.
  • Prospective applicants must have undertaken successful supply and delivery of goods/services to institutions of similar size and complexity. They must also demonstrate the willingness and commitment to meet the listed criteria.
  • Completion of documents includes forms and documents required of prospective suppliers/service providers to be considered.Prospective suppliers must submit all the information herein requested and any applicant who does not meet all the relevant mandatoryrequirements will be automatically disqualified by the system.
  • Interested and qualified applicants should send completed application and other required information as per system requirement beforethe communicated deadline.
  • Whenever there is a need, CMG will carry out a due diligence exercise for the shortlisted suppliers which will also include a site visit wheneverrequired.

Any clarity may be required from the application should be directed to;

Email: [email protected]


 The list of goods and services we require for this financial year is here under Item I – Procurement table:

  • Supply of Events Setup
  • Supply of Sound and Stage Equipment
  • Supply of Transport
  • Supply of LED Equipment
  • Supply of Event Lights / Venue Lights
  • Supply of Fireworks
  • Supply of Tents
  • Supply of Mobile Toilets
  • Supply of Tables, Chairs
  • Supply out of home (Billboards, Digital, AAL Bus Shelters)


All applications must be submitted through email addresses shared above.

Deadline of submission of the application(s) will be on Tuesday, 30th May, 2023 at 1700 hours.

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